Every Story is The Same

The steps a character takes in any story:

1. A character is in a zone of comfort.

2.They want something

3. They enter an unfamiliar situation

4. Adapt to it

5. Get what they wanted

6. Pay a heavy price for it

7.Then return to their familiar situation

8. Having changed

Steps one, two, and eight is the characters comfort zone, the place where the character is back in their normal life. Four, five and six is the characters journey through an unfamiliar world and needing to adapt and change to it. Three is the start of the characters new journey, while seven is the character leaving that world and returning back to their normal world but still different from the original.


The Particle System



I watched only one video about the particle system in unity, though this one was long and gave a lot of information. The video talked a lot about the how to use particles and what you can do with them. Explaining things like how to change the size of the particles and the speed the particle go. The video also did a little explaining how to add more particles to Unity from the Unity asset store, though I would have liked a little more information on how to create your own particles.