Games Can Change The World.

How to help solve world problems by playing 21 billion hours of game play, currently we play 3 billions hours. – playing games can help solve world problems. Playing games can help humans adapt. 10,000 is the magic number. People believe they can change the virtual world, she wants to change that so they can believe they can change the real world. Games are very very very old. Games are used so people can leave their real world problems, and get a brake from it. Games have been proved to save an entire civilization.

Top five regrets of the dead.

I wish I didn’t work so hard.

I wish I would spend more time with my friends. – stay in touch

I wish I would let my self be happier

I wish i could express my true self.

I wish I could live true to my dreams, not to what people expect of me.

All these things games can help with.

Games helped Her get away from her thoughts of suicide.



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